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Why Performance Matters?

By Team

A simple answer: more things you can do!
They say, investing is more important to measure progress towards life goals, such as retirement or children's education, rather than maximizing returns or beating the market. But we believe that investment performance is a booster to achieve someone's goals.

More Future Wealth with Same Amount of Savings

Anne and Betsy, both have target to retire in 30 years and desire a good living at retirement by investing in stocks. Both plan to invest $10k per year starting today. At 9% average annual return, Anne will have $1,485,750 by 30 years. But Betsy, she chooses a better investment advisor and produces 11% annual return.  Betsy’s value at retirement will be $2,209,132. In the future, Betsy may be able to afford same standard of living as Anne, but maybe with more charities for those who need.

Same Future Wealth with Less Amount of Savings

Charlie and David, both want to have $2 million of stocks investment value in 30 years from now. At 8% annual return, Charlie will need to deposit almost $16,350 per year starting today to achieve his goal. Meanwhile David can achieve his goal with only $11,050 of savings per year, if he can grow the money at 10% annually. Because of the lower amount needed to invest, David will have spare money to do many things, including his hobby or doing good for others.

What about 9% difference?

Now you see that 2% annual difference leads to a very wide gap of results over the long-run. Imagine what an advisor that beats the market by 9% per year can do for you. That’s us!

Posted on: August 14, 2021

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