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Christmas is an intuitive, modern advisor for modern investors

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What an investment advisor should do with your money

We pledge our expertise, experience, and track record to all clients. Our smart engine ensures all decisions are made with rigorous analytical process.

Average annual return of Christmas Signature Strategy since inception, net of fees
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AI-assisted, direct investing in global stocks

Unlike most digital/robo advisors, we won't stuff your cash into ETFs or mutual funds, which you can do yourself! Here is our free guidance that will save you unnecessary advisory fees.

Rigorous stock picking and portfolio management are needed to outperform the stock market. Better investment performance means better future, here's why.

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We save you time (money)
Diving into thousands of stocks, millions of pages of reports. Our engine does the hard work of investing and taking care of your money, so you can focus on what you're best at: your work, your family, your life.

And we'll walk with you throughout the journey. Our team invest a substantial amount of money, side by side with clients. We eat our own cooking!
Net Cumulative Return
since inception January 2016

Nasdaq Composite 145.1%
S&P 500 127.1%
Robo Advisors  81.0%

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Auto Rebalancing, Fractional
Fractional share capability ensures that your portfolio can be rebalanced proportionately, regardless of account size
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Find the most suitable,  unique Model Portfolio generated especially for you based on our
intuitive questionnaire
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Fair fees seal the deal. So, if you're ready to make it rain, you need a partner who cares about your long-term wealth as much as you do. You need the best. You need Christmas!
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