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Investment management.

Build your future, faster

We believe that everyone deserves a great investment journey, accomplishing the pursuit of happiness and upward mobility. We do the hard work of investing and take care of your money.

Average annual return of Christmas Signature Strategy since inception, net of fees
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Outperform the stock market with our proven Signature strategy in your separately-managed account.
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Accessible through our sister company, Equistra Corp
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Follow our investment strategies and trade for yourself. Subscription will be accessible on our Substack site.
We care about your long-term wealth
You need a partner who cares about your long-term wealth as much as you do. Think of us as some wind beneath your wings, meaning you can fly by yourself but we help you fly higher. That’s us.

We never put your money into something we wouldn’t pursue ourselves. And we'll walk with you throughout the journey. Our team invest a substantial amount of money, side by side with clients. We eat our own cooking!
Net Cumulative Return
since inception January 2016

S&P 500 211.6%
MSCI World 145.5%
ARKK ETF  131.8%
Robo Advisor 121.5%

Return disclosure
Family Office, redefined
Our mantra is "beyond retirement". Generational wealth should not stop at your retirement age. It is something from you, to your children, to your grandchildren. 

Christmas Corp family office handles investment and wealth management for families so that they will have at least multimillion to billion dollars of investable assets in the future, to effectively grow and transfer wealth across generations in sustainable manner.

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