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We provide discretionary investment management services to individuals and institutions, and we use separately managed account (SMA) structure to manage your investment. Discretionary means that we make all investment decisions for you and review your investment account continuously. As a fiduciary, we are bound to act in the your best interest. Our firm provides fee-based investment services. When you do well, we do well.
Stocks (equities) that are listed in the U.S. and Euro Area stock markets.
In mutual fund, your money is pooled with other investors to buy certain stocks and bonds in that portfolio. It means you don’t personally own the stocks. By using SMA, you own the entire assets, and each stock in the portfolio is owned directly by you.
1. Digital advisor with actively-managed investment strategy and direct investing in stocks
2. Focus on outperforming the stock market with rigorous research and stock picking
3. Invest mostly in innovative companies (including IT, medical tech) and European heritage / ultra-luxury producers. We focus on growth and competitive advantages
4. We eat what we cook. We invest our own assets using the same strategy we use to manage your assets
You can onboard by clicking "Join now" on the menu, or just click here.
2% annual management fee of net asset value, charged on a daily basis.

Furthermore, you may incur brokerage commissions imposed by Interactive Brokers.
We only require individual/joint/retirement accounts a minimum of US$20,000 to start ($50,000 for family office and $500,000 for large institutions).
No minimum on next deposits or top ups.
If you are investing via an institution or family office, please send us an email to investment@christmascorp.com so we can discuss about your investment plan in a comprehensive manner.
Equity (stock) is probably the most liquid investment instruments ever created in human history. Furthermore, with separately managed account (SMA) structure, you will have full transparency to the investments in your accounts, as well as the ability to deposit/withdraw funds instantly within one or several business days. However given our long-term investment horizon, we strongly encourage you to have the perspective of a long-term oriented investor.
The funds in your account are held under your name at Interactive Brokers, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, and regulated by the SEC. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insures your account at Interactive Brokers against potential fraud. For more information on SIPC insurance, please visit www.sipc.org
However, please note that investment return or performance can never be guaranteed. Your account may lose value and our past performance is no guarantee of future result.
We rely on fundamental research and stock valuation to have strong conviction on what stocks to invest. We have a long-term investment horizon, means that we seek to buy companies that we can hold for more years to come. Click here to learn more about our strategies.
You can create account (onboard), make deposit/withdrawal, monitor your assets, review your performance, and communicate with us.
Currently, it is only available for U.S. clients. We hope to deliver this seamless experience to Non U.S. clients as soon as possible.
To some extent, yes. Your portfolio is auto-rebalanced according to the model (strategy) that you choose to be managed by us. 
But, our human team does all the research, stock pickings, and strategy buildings.
No. We don’t do brokerage services. 
Also, we don’t do financial planning at this moment.
As a U.S. client, you can easily do it via our Client Portal.
As a Non U.S. client, you have to login to your account at Interactive Brokers. follow this instruction to transfer funds to Interactive Brokers and this instruction to transfer funds out of Interactive Brokers.
No. We manage your assets on a fully discretionary basis, which means we make all the investment decisions and trades for our clients.
We pledge our expertise, experience, and track record to all clients. You'll have a partner that is eager to make you successful in investing.
We are currently serving U.S. clients and Non U.S. residents. However, please note that we cannot serve residents in some countries.
Please send an email to customer@christmascorp.com and we’ll be happy to reply.